Road Ride - gasp!

Yes, I just posted that.

I’m thinking of heading to the valley and doing some road riding some weekend coming up soon. This is entirely weather and conditions dependent. The ride will be relaxed to say the least. I expect to have a very relaxed ride to get my road legs back under me.

Who would be interested in joining me.

I finally got to test the road bike out yesterday, and I didn’t hate it like I thought I might…so I might be in. What kind of distance were you thinking?

I’m in…I have a shiny new bike and an old ugly one. Conditions will determine which one gets pulled out. I won’t be riding if conditions are crap. I’d prefer a good rain event beforehand, too…but you can’t get too picky around here…
This weekend (15th) would be good, the following (22nd) is not so good.

Warning…the roads are in hard shape here, so delicate wheels not recommended.

…and I’ll probably want to keep it under 60km or so…


definitely under 60km for my first road ride of the season. This weekend is the ice race in Kentville, so I was thinking the 23rd? Would that work for you Alan? Maybe a loop around port williams way.

That weekend is out for me. Saturday is booked solid and I’m heading out on business on Sunday.
We’ll get out eventually.
I’m planning on taking the 21st (Friday) and the 31st (Monday) off. Not sure if you have flexibility on time off, but those days might work too

I might be up for a relaxed road ride, anywhere east of Falmouth would be my preference, any weekend time is workable. Of course if the woods are in any shape that’s where I’ll be heading.

I plan on joining Brent on an MTB ride some time this weekend. But if we get out on the trails Saturday the 22nd then I would be up for a road ride on the 23rd at 2 or so. We could meet in Windsor or Brooklyn. As of now the indexing on my rear cogs is non-existent but if I can get it into the 39x16 I can leave it there for the duration to pretty much match Brent’s SS. :slight_smile:

hey……new forum guy here.

still talk of a valley road ride?? keep me posted! if I’m free I’m in!!

Yes, have to work out logistics, but still planning on something.

Hey folks

Ok…weather is going to break…I can just feel it.
I’m off on Friday. Heading to the motorcycle show at exhibition park in the afternoon, but hoping by mid-morning that it’s warm enough to ride.

Going to be a valley road ride, no more than 2 hours, starting in Windsor.
Interested? Meet up at the downtown Tim’s?

I’m not particular about who I ride with. Bring your drop bar, flat bar…makes no never mind to me.

Hit the road?

I can’t make it…gggrrrrr…

Gotta do some moving stuff. Soon I promise!

Adam and I got out last week for 50Km in Avonport (, we’re trying to plan a ride this weekend starting in Sweets Corner/Avondale/Scotch Village 40km but hilly. Just waiting to see what the weekend forecast is going to be like before we decide, either Saturday or Sunday. Will post up on Friday.

hey maritimer hows that weather-break working out for you ? :slight_smile:

Sweet Jeebus…this is ridiculous.
I did get out on the 21st…3 degrees and fresh salt on the 14 out towards Martock…

The weekend has potential. Sunday looks better than Saturday for me, we’ll see if it holds together.

We’re riding Saturday at 9am, meeting in Sweets Corner. pm me if you’re interested in coming.

A little raw for me today, and I had other commitments. Did you guys enjoy your ride today? :shock:
I’m still thinking tomorrow afternoon if anyone still wants to get a ride in.

Yeah we got out and home before the wind really picked up. Hills, hail and headwinds…good times, kinda made me feel like I was riding in some alpine stage…

I actually prefer road riding in the colder crappy weather, keeps road riding interesting for me and it beats the searing asphalt of summer.

Nice. I braved the elements also, but from the comfortable heat of the maple syrup boiler. You had way more fun though!!

Rule V ride for sure.