Road trip planning

If you were taking 10 days to go around and do some riding what would the top 5 places be that you would visit? Leaving Mac Run, Vic Park, Empire and Gorge out of the picks.

Not sure I want down hill but I will consider them.

How far are you willing to drive?

Drive to Quebec. Go until your body or your bike breaks.


Possibly Vermont, not sure about Quebec but maybe. This will be a solo trip with maybe hooking up with anybody that wants to join.

The goal is to try and see as much as I can in 10 days.

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I really, really love Brookvale in PEI.

Kingdom in Burke, VT followed by two days at Vallée Bras-du-Nord in Quebec. If I had to pick one, it would be the Quebec one.

Wentworth, Hillsborough, Fundy, Poley, (few places on the way if wanted) Sugarloaf, Sentiers Du Moulin, Montreal area pick a few, edmunston on way back, finish with Minto/MVP/Dieppe roatary club.

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So here is the list. Minto, highland bike park Polly and hillsborough are confirmed.

Possibly adding fundy, something on my way to highland. Dieppe on the way back next Saturday

While in nh there are so many I am not sure. Possibly but it depends on how the lessons at highland go on Monday😁

Some where in there I want to get some hiking and pictures taken

Going to be a good trip!



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I hear good things about Carabassette Valley, which is between Highland Bike Park and Polley.

And the trip is canceled, wife is waiting for gallbladder surgery, and with the state of our system, god knows when that is going to happen.


Plenty of fun to be had without crossing into the US, though.

Yes I know, but I was looking forward to the lessons in the Bike park the most.

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