Roadies. You have a serious shit storm on the horizon. Are t

Recv’d replies from Dave Wharton and Al Mumford.
Dave believes there’s a road commissaire’s course the last weekend of May and I’ve mentioned to Al that I’m avail for volunteer help. Of course, with all of the traffic on this forum, hopefully we’ll get more people as commissaires.

Thanks everyone for the contact and to Troy for his original post. Guess that shows where I hang out when I’m online!!!

It looks like the road racing season is in joepardy in NS unless some commissares can be found.

Important, Read this!!!

Well, I remember the rules… how do I volunteer?

After searching the BNS website… I really haven’t got a clue about who to contact.
Perhaps 09 man would know?

Try Eric at ericweaver2010 (at) hotmail (dotty) com.

Thanks, gentlemen!

Wow. Sent Eric an email - but no reply??? Kinda like my Twitter ride, I guess, all alone - again.

Where he’s leaving for Italy in a couple of days he might have a full plate.

But I did just find another e-mail for him… try this one too: eweaver (at) eastlink (dotty) ca

Thanks, 09! Will keep everyone posted.

Does anyone know if you can be a commie assitant or something… not actually certified but there as an aid or a set of eyes

I’m not sure if there is even a commie course before road season or mtb sesion is in full swing

am I correct ot assume you need ot be certified seperately for each one ?

Certification for road / mountain is different, that is a road commie isn’t a mountain commie or vice versa unless they’ve done both courses.

No, there is no such thing as an uncertified assistant commissaire. I’m not sure of the road requirement, but in mountain each race requires a chief commissaire and an assistant commissaire, each certified and the chief typically has more experience. There is such thing as a course marshall, who is essentially a volunteer who are positioned on the course, but these are usually supplied by race directors and they won’t really satisfy the problem the roadies are having… but they are always appreciated, so if you’re interested you ought to contact the race director of any event you want!

At the last AGM I recommended that we not pursue another mountain commissaire course since they are an expensive venture and we’re well stocked with mountain commies. By the looks of things we’re likely due for a road commissiare course, but it is probably too late for this year.

Well, no replies from Eric, let me see what I can sleuth on my own…

The last I heard was that there is an effort underway to have a training session for road commissaires, but the only person who is qualified to teach the commissaires class is a super-busy person in Quebec who has been difficult to reach. I don’t know if they have heard back from her and if she’s going to have time to do a course anytime soon. If you’re interested in becoming a road commissaire, or know someone who is interested, PLEASE contact Dave Wharton:

davew (at) eastlink (dotty) ca

As Andrew said, there is no official commissaires assistant position, BUT it would be a huge help to have a few people at each race who are competent with race timing and figuring out the results. The commissaires have too much on their plate on race day and it would be a great benefit to have some good, trained help at the races. This would lighten the load on the commissaires and help with retention of these awesome volunteers!

If you’re interested in helping in this way, or know someone who might be able to help, please contact Al Mumford
since he is organising a few races again this year.

amumford_ca (at) yahoo (dotty) com

Al is the one who is going to Europe soon, not Eric. I don’t know if he has left yet. Eric is super busy with school right now and might not be checking his email much.

Thanks, K! Great advice and the sleuthing goes on!