Rock Shox Air Valve Adapter

I’m looking to replace the seals on my Rock Shox Monarch RT (with high volume can).

There is a schrader valve tucked away in the damper body (the bottom part) that is pressurized with nitrogen. Is it possible to service the air can seals without releasing the nitrogen? (while retaining all my fingers)

To refill it I would need the Air Valve Adapter:

(which I do not have)

Does anyone know where I could get an adapter locally?

I was hoping to do this Sunday but might just release all the air and nitrogen and replace all the seals and then see If I can get the adapter on Monday or see if a shop could fill pump up the chamber for me. They say the nitrogen is optional.

If you’re going to just replace the air can seals it looks like you could get away without releasing the nitrogen of course it isn’t recommended to work on a shock with any pressure in it. I’d take it to a shop that has an adapter you could use for a minute. The video gives you a good view o the process.

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I believe I have that adapter Jeff, if you want to wait I can grab it from my parents place next time I’m out (possibly tomorrow).

EDIT Apparently mine is a Marzocchi adapter, I believe it is longer then one for a Rock Shox.

Its back together now. I work near The bike Peddler. Maybe they have the adapter and can pressurize it.

Neat mechanism there…

It looks like the pressure in the bottom is pretty high… 250 psi. The pressure in this chamber is not dependent on rider weight. Looking at the diagrams, I’m guessing the pressure is there just to keep the fluid from cavitating as the fluid is driven through the damper.

I read somewhere that the air cavity and floating piston (IFP) serves to absorb the small amount of displacement caused by the damper shaft.

I found this dandy diagram:

Mine is the one on the left. The Monarch Plus (on the right) has the IFP and nitrogen chamber on a sidecar can.

I had to share!