RSS Feeds

Can you enable RSS feeds?

From quick Google search:

ACP>General>Feed settings
1)Set “Enable Feeds” to “Enabled”.
2)Set “Enable board-wide feed” to “Enabled” Leave all the rest default to start with and Submit the change.

They are already enabled. Thanks for doing the research tho. Saves me time :slight_smile:

Hmm… it does not seem to be working for Google Reader. (Oddly, it works in outlook though.)

This article (and some others) seems to indicate that “Google FeedFetcher” needs to be added to robots.txt: … gb7HXIxJ4J

By the way: this is the global feed URL: feed.php

This link also talks about adding feedfetcher to phpbb: … eader.html

[quote]In Admin Control Panel you need to do the following…

System / Spiders/Robots:
Activate “Google Feedfetcher”[/quote]

I’m not going to bother doing this now that Google has discontinued Google Reader. I assume it works in other feed reeders?

I’m planning to switch to feedly. I think they use google reader until the have their own user agent. Feedly is not working either.

I think the user agent for feedly is: “FeedlyBot/1.0” (maybe: “FeedlyBot”)

When a user goes to Google Reader, Google fetches the feed on your behalf (as FeedFetcher user agent), adds some html and redirects it to your browser. The problem stems from PhpBB assuming that any browser that is not reporting to be a well known (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) must be a mobile device.