Saddest Monkey

I rode whopper this morning and it SUCKS what is happening here. If you know the trail well enough you can sort of pick your way along. Not too far after the first challenging step up (you know where I mean) the clear cutting/mowing stops and the trail system is unchanged. On the way out the heavy equipment was in full operation and they were starting to go deeper. I suspect if I went back tonight the treeline would be cut back even further.

Rode the Lake Loop and there is still snow down and sections that are unrideable after the Lake. For what it is worth, I saw lots of freshly posted yellow signs to tell you that you were on protected land (or something like that) when you were on sections of the Granite a little deeper in. There was one near the actual Whopper Drop if I remember correctly.

Someone has built three very nice bridges back on the Lake Loop to replace three old and rickety ones that have been there forever. Nice job someone.

I suppose if they don’t go back too much further that once the buildings get built we’ll be parking in the parking lot and finding a way in from there.

A whooper to Evil connector is a long standing dream of mine.

Now is the time to push for things like riding Evik more or connecting it to whopper or connecting Lake loop to Death March.

Or Fixing up far side. Or making a better entrance from BLT.

Took two videos this evening so that everyone can see what the trail looks like now.
Whopper Drop MTB Trail Destruction (Part 1)
Whopper Drop MTB Trail Destruction (Part 2)

@AaronRow well that’s depressing

Photo album of destruction.

The public has spoken! We want more big box stores!!

I’d wager they will be blasting in there soon. Get yer whopper on while you still can.

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Or we could steal some dynamite and bring the cottage party up to a new level…

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Man, I don’t even remember the last time I biked there. Pretty sure I was there at least once last year, or maybe it was the year before. I guess I better roll on over and get once last ride in.

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Stealing dynamite can be risky. Just make sure there is no shock cord attached. :smile:

It’s gross!! We rode there Sunday. Getting to the tree line is tricky but once you reach it, it is wonderful untouched Whopper!

The Halifax North West Trails Association Facebook page has been posting lots on Whopper lately…

Is the trail association lobbying to keep mountain bikes off the trail at Whopper

It doesn’t appear that [HNWTA][1] is against mountain bikes per say, but any part of Whopper that is on the new Blue Mountain - Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area is technically already banned for bikes. It’s the [BMBCL Trails Group][2] that hates mountain bikes.

Of course enforcement is a whole other ball of wax…

@JeffV you should send that to the Birch Cove Wilderness folks. I’m sure they’d be interested in seeing that.

FYI, ministerial permission can be granted for recreational mountain bike use on a specific trail in a wilderness area. The BNS Mounain Bike Trails Committee is working on it. It’s political so it takes a while but one thing holding up progress is a lack of volunteers. The BMBCLWA Trails Group is including all of the feedback collected from their survey and from the open house into their report to DOE. They are also including a letter of support from BNS that includes the urging to maintain a trail corridor for mountain bikers to access deeper into the wilderness area.
If you want to know more, skip the wet group ride tomorrow and go to the meeting. If you want to do more, go to the meeting and volunteer.


Was up at Whopper tonight, and went in the main entrance. There are signs there now saying “Closed construction site. PPE required.” No equipment running tonight; we did go in. Did a circuit around the Playground, out to the Whopper Drop and back. Cleared all the way across the Playground and down to recycling plant. Trail still rideable. Entrance to the Playground a bit of a mess. Wood debris that had to be skirted or ridden over in places, some muddy sections where tracks have run through, and skidder/forwarder tracks that run across the trail in places. Pretty sad to see the trail go.

I wouldn’t worry about the sign, if you’re wearing glasses, gloves and a helmet you are wearing PPE! There are similar signs up in Ellershouse I rode up there while they were running equipment and no one said anything.

and your feet aren’t on the ground, so no boots necessary!