Saddest Monkey

This is the exit from Proudest Monkey to parking lot by BK:

Wow…at least they left the sofa bed?

Not enough room in Dartmouth Crossing I guess. I was really hoping that this would never happen. with the Target disaster I can’t imagine what big box store would set up here. Who are they blowing this up for?

I was hoping the same. Maybe the contractor is expiditing the project before it gets cancelled. Or someone has a long view.

Fortunately, Lake Loop and Death March are both in the wilderness protection area.

lame-o-rama…I’ll have to try and get over there this year

Unfortunately trails in the wilderness protected area aren’t necessarily safe either, bikes are prohibited in wilderness protected areas. (section 17,e), The Minister of the Environment could possibly make an exception using something from section 23


too late, the grey hairs running the show over in the protected areas are two steps ahead. 10 years ago in a basement behind a burnt out building they had a meeting and asked if anyone was interested in bicycles being allowed. No one said anything so they took bikes off the list. Done deal.

Sad but true…poaching it is.

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What to expect.

Thanks for posting that, @tossedsalad.

Presumably there will be buildings on either side of those roads as well.

They bushwhacked further into whopper entrance today and monday. With two excavators on site they are serious.

Like a funeral out there. But it smells so nice!

I just hope people don’t stop using and maintaining trails there just because the entrance is gone.

There will still be: Lake Loop, Death March and Flipside. And more could be developed in and around those.


YAY!!! More Future Shops and Targets


Lol! You nailed it there, @muddy!

and where will all the gay men go??

I hear they will be responsible relocated so as to avoid disturbing their mating habits.

LOL…probably back to Testicle…errrrrmmmm…Spectacle Lake

It might be a good time to get more people out riding Evil Birch. All it needs is traffic and it will be another excellent Metro Trail. It’s kind of the forgotten trail but there is excellent riding there. With a little ambition we could connect it with the Whopper Power Lines