Scenic routes around Wolfville

Thanks for all the great suggestions Big Nose! We’re heading off this weekend, hopefully the weather improves for us…If it’s hot enough I think we might bike out to the Gaspereau River and do some tubing as well. No shortage of fun things to do out in the valley!


Looking for suggested daytrip routes around Wolfville. I’m new to the area, and to road riding. My wife and I are planning a weekend trip to the Annapolis Valley and want to spend a day or two riding around checking out the sights (scenic vistas, fun decents, wineries…). Any advice would be much appreciated!


You can go up Hillside Avenue, and ride along ridge road, then back down Deep hollow road and back into wolfville. About 10 or 15 k ish.

You can also go up over Gaspereau avenue and into the Gaspereau valley and go up GreenField road, you’d hit over 70 coming back town it.

You could bike from Wolfville to Port Williams and go around stars point road, or even out to Blomidon

Theres also Wolfville to port williams, then to new minas / kentville via belcher street.

Or get on the dykes in Wolfville and ride out ot grande pre.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas.