Seaport Beerfest

I’m going, who else is and when? I need to get tickets so I’d like to share some drinks with folks.

Tickets bought…Saturday night August 10th. Gonna be a party.

remember my advice, pace your self, so my beers so little time can get dangerous. What a good time.

Advice noted, and I will try my best! Thankfully, my wonderful wife has volunteered to be my designated driver.

Just saw that the blues brothers are playing in Truro the same weekend…bummer.

Tired some seasonal Ale from Pumphouse this past weekend. Maple…mmmm. Not too sweet, but just a hint of maple.

Really looking forward to tasting some new and exciting brews and generally having a time.

It was a very good time overall. I had some very interesting beer. The banana bread beer was tasty, as was the wares from the Cape Breton and Shelbourne brewers. PEI had an offering that was pretty tasty too. Of course the favs were there…Pumphouse and Garrison always make great stuff.