Secret Senders Saturday ride and dig

Any one up for some free ride action and a bit of trail work tomorrow in Gaspereau? (April 14)
Thinking of hitting the trail late afternoon. Open to requests for a ride time.

Let me know if interested.

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I’m just responding to stay in the loop; I might get time later in the afternoon.

Cool. Name a time that works for you and I can run with it. I can meet you at the Gaspereau Elementary school and we can convoy to the trail from there.

I was in the trail this afternoon, things are drying up nice, almost all the snow is gone and we should be good to ride all but one of two of the jumps. All the rock faces should be grippy and dry.

Edit: I should note, this ride heavily features black and double black trails, with the odd pro line tossed in for good measure. We’ll do about 3km of woods roads on the way in and out with tech gnar in the middle. Intermediates welcome if you don’t mind skipping some sections and I always welcome a hand digging!


I don’t really have a time because I don’t know how long I will be digging out the drain way for our property. I plan on starting early and hoping to be done by around 3ish but it could end up being later.

OK, let me know.

I’ll check back around lunch.