Secret Senders

Being all still in a state of emergency. what is the policy on getting sendy? Frowny face to rock faces or are we “ok” to post / do that sort of thing again?

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I’m ok with it if it is something you are comfortable with.

That looks excellent! Something worth dragging the DH bike out for…


^ ^ We don’t have lots ready yet but some good lines in the works!


That’s awesome, would love to get the Aurum out on that some time!

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Good times… now lets blow it up on strava so the whole world know where it is and can climb up it and roll over the lips and wear them down to flat again! #fuckstrava


Good thing the lips are generally made of rocks at least the size of a microwave and mostly bar fridges or bigger! Advantages to mechanized trail building :wink:

Now to be totally transparent this zone is fully on the books, legal trail work with full support of the landowners. I can make this a public riding zone but we are choosing to keep it on the down low/ invite only for the moment a number of reasons… the main being its very remote there and little to zero cell coverage. If you mess up out there no one is going to come and find you any time soon.

What we have built so far is mellow compared to some of the lines coming down the pipe line too.

I’m excited to see what we get done out here in the next year, we just started on this stuff over the winter, it sure has plenty of potential!


Moved it to another post because ya’ll have wondered off in another direction from instagram support, lol.

my bad haha