Self Brokering | Reducing the Cost of Shipping

If you have a little time you may be able to wave “bye bye” to those crazy fees for brokering packages. If I’m not in a rush for the package I self broker mine.

Just have it shipped via post office, Canada post only charges a $9.95 brokerage fee on top of any taxes/duties owing. Factor in how much time it would take you to fill out forms and get them to the CBSA office and it will probably be cheaper.

EDIT: reference here:
The brokerage fee is only applicable if there is taxes/duty owing and the the item value is over $20.
From personal experience, they can be a bit lax and not always charge the fee, but your experience may be different.


Agreed, post is always the best way to go in my experience.

Yup, Canada Post whenever possible. About 90% of the time I don’t get charged taxes or any other fees if I can keep the total close to / under $100.

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Does Chainreaction give the option of Canada Post?

I’m not sure if US companies can ship via Canada Post directly. They can ship USPS (United States Postal Service) which “links up” with Canada Post when it crosses the border. And yes . . . very little if any issues with USPS. That’s my preferred method of shipping from the US of A.

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Chainreaction uses DHL only as far as I know. I don’t do a lot of mail order so I was curious.

They did a few years ago, according to this they still do.

They ship via DHL, but it’s handled by Canada Post when it arrives in Canada. Free shipping with $75 purchase and usually no other fees if you keep the total down.