Senders Fest 2023 - Oct 14

Senders Fest 2023 IG@0.5x

Where: Gaspereau - Secret Senders. Meet at 1366 Greenfield Rd.
Difficulty: Advanced / Expert

Notes: pads and full face helmets recommended.

This is not an official ECMTB ride.

Senders Fest 23 is coming up October 13-15!! (but mostly Oct. 14)
We’re back for more good times in the woods! If you went last year you know this is going to be the group ride of the year for these looking for some tech and progression. Let’s hit some drops, send some jumps, ride off cliffs, do a bit of digging, and have a generally awesome time on bikes.

We will be riding black and double black trails with cliff exposure, gap jumps and drops. Cell coverage on site is patchy and we will be in a backcountry setting. Know your limits and ride only what you are confident in. That being said, limits are made to be pushed and this will be an encouraging and welcoming environment, so ask for help if you need a tow in!

For those where were there last year, we have a few new lines for you to work on incase you needed a bit more challenge. :wink:


Friday 6:30PM onwards:
The pre game show with BBQ’s, bon fires, hanging out by the waterfall and bike games. Stop by for a bit, or stay the night. Lots of room for camping so feel free to bring a tent or you can camp in the (unfinished) cabin.

Saturday 9:00 onwards:
The main event! Group ride starts from the cabin and we’ll ride to the trail - pre ride is about 5k give or take. Just enough to get warmed up. There will be a gear shuttle to drop supplies at the main trail so we can ride light but still have lots of water, snacks and spare tubes.

If you stayed the night or show up early grab some pancakes, bacon and espresso to fuel your ride.

Once we get to Senders we’ll do an orientation for new riders then stat seasoning stuff. Again, these are tech trails with plenty of janky lines, rock faces and drops. Don’t feel you need to send it all. This is a no pressure ride. We’re all here to support each other and progress at our own pace. Spectators welcome.

Post ride swing in to Wolfville to grab a meal and tell stories on how rad a time we had.

Sunday - extra credit ride…
Can’t make Saturday or got a line you want another crack at? I’m game for bonus laps Sunday just name the time!

Coming late and need directions to the trail or have questions hit me up!
Video from last year to get you pumped -


Trails are all freshly leaf blown and whipper snipped. Lets ride!

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We’re good for riding tomorrow! Reminder we’re meeting at 1366 Greenfield Rd. Google Maps

I’ll flag the driveway so it’s easy to spot.

Cell coverage there is spotty. but you can try and call me at 902 300 9449. Text may be more reliable.

Im heading to the cabin in the next hour if you were coming up tonight.


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Epic day in the woods. Every one loged some serious air miles today. Way to go folks!


Going to drop Erics video here too


Very nice!