Shad Bay Trail

I’ve never been on this one. I do wonder if it leads up to the Old Coach Road, though. The river/lakes system to the left of this trail crosses the Old Coach Road trail upstream.

Does anyone have any knowledge of the Shad Bay Trail. … -bay/22909

I tried it out on the weekend. The first 15 or 20 minutes were rocky and muddy due to 4 wheeler traffic. About this time there is a Y in the road. I went to the right and before long it turned into a swamp. The road continued but I did not. Should I have gone to the left at the Y in the road, or is this the trail? This looks like it would be a good trail if it had some work done to it.

Might be a sweet winter ride once it is frozen as well.

Oh my goodness! If Google maps can be trusted, the satellite pictures shows Whopper/Fight trail-esque rocky goodness if you had of went left!