Shimano cassette on SRAM freehub?

Hey Gang,
After trying SRAM on my new bike, I’m thinking of going back to a Shimano drivetrain.
I currently have a SRAM 11sp setup on a boost148 hub. Would a shimano cassette fit or do I need a new freehub as well? Would a 12 speed cassette require re-dishing of the wheel?
I would obviously get shimano derailleur/shifter etc.

You’ll need a new freehub body as well. Not sure if 12 speed would require re-dishing.


Does your SRAM cassette currently use a SRAM XD freehub body? Some SRAM cassettes use Shimano freehub bodies, in which case you can go to Shimano 11s no problem. 12s Shimano will need a different freehub.

You won’t need to re-dish the wheel. Even if you need to change from an XD SRAM freehub to a Shimano 11s HG or 12s HG+ (Microspline) Freehub. Assuming your hub manufacturer makes compatible freehubs bodies to change to, not everyone makes Microspline freehub bodies yet.


Good stuff, thanks guys! I realized the microspline issue just after I posted this. I’ll pull the cassette when I get a chance to see if I’m dealing with a more traditional shimano, but suspect it’s probably SRAM

You shouldn’t need to even take the cassette off, just look at the tool interface, Shimano will have an 11t cog and lockring, SRAM will just have a 10t cog.