Shimano Replacement Brake Pads

I have used G01A pads in the past and need to change the pads in my SLX brakes. I needed to reach a $ figure to get free shipping on some clothing i ordered online. I figured an easy way to round it out was to get a couple of packages of Brake Pads. They didn’t have any G01A pads but suggested G02A pads instead. I researched them online and everything I could find said they are the same as G01A except the resin compound on the pads themselves has been updated. Both packages say “XTR XT SLS ALFINE” and on the back of the package it lists what I assume is the model number of the brakes that they fit and they match up. However the backing plates are a different size. The GO2A is lightly wider by a millimeter or two and don’t want to slide into the caliper.

I would think these should be compatible but it would appear they are not. Anyone have a differing opinion or some installation advice?

Do you mean wider end-to-end or thicker?
Last time I put new brake pads in my formula brakes I couldn’t fit them-I went to Roger at Halifax cycles and he bled them a tiny bit-slid in and worked great after that.

Did the old pads you were using also have a slightly rounded edge?

Not thicker, although they are because they are fresh, but the backplate is wider.

From the bad idea department… something you could solve with a dremel tool?

Here is a pic of old versus new. Now that I have pulled them out again I see they are a totally different shape. Not sure if that matters as long as they fit. The package says for SLX and that is what my brakes are. I have the old package when I replaced them last time and have compared the packaging and it is the same as you can see in the first pics

hmmm…why is my picture getting cut off on the right edge? It shows fully in preview. Hover over the picture and click the expand arrows in the lower right corner to see the full image

Yeah, those are not the same pads and they won’t fit. We had this happen at the shop. If I have a pair in stock at the Chain Lake location I’d be willing to trade you.

Ross W

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I have two pairs I would like to trade if that works for you Ross

Yep, it depends on what I have for stock. I’ll let you know tomorrow. We are not open on Monday’s but I will be stopping in to check on things.

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I have one pair of Shimano brand and one pair of Tektro brand. Your welcome to stop by, have a look. I am open again tomorrow from 10Am to 6Pm.


Thanks Ross. I’ll stop by and see you tomorrow.