Shimano Saint Center Lock tool

Hey everyone, I dont expect anyone runs this hub, but perhaps you do. I have a much older M800 Saint hub that requires a specific tool to remove the centerlock, no bike shops in the city have one it seems.

If you do have this hub still, I have the tool on order, wanted to let anyone know that may want use of it, youre welcome to borrow it if for some strange reason you ever need it.

Got a picture? Shimano has used multiple center lock “standards”.

I thought Shimano centerlocks used a cassette removal tool. From Googling, it seems some centerlocks use a Hollowtech bottom bracket removal tool. Any others I’ve missed?

The original Saint one is larger to accommodate the larger thru axle.

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The tool in question is the Shimano TL-LR20, it uses a large diameter to clear the 20x110 front hub, it is a tool that is very specific.

180 and 203 require a 44-16 bb tool

I just went through this for my new XT rotors. If you need the BB style tool, I ordered a park one that didn’t work as it wasn’t deep enough, I found a no name Chinese socket on amazon that works perfect I can send you the link, or I can take it off for you

Thanks for looking out! Unfortunately, the tool is specific to only the Saint hubs with a 20x110. Most 20x110 hubs use 6 bolt due to the large diameter axle shaft. It also only has 12 teeth, where as most others have 16 or more it would seem.

I tried Velofix, Long Alley, Bike Pedaler, Cyclesmith, and Sportwheels, none had a tool that would work haha.

That said, the tool is already on the way and should be arriving any day now as it cleared customers on the 14th.

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