Shipping a Bike Frame Coast to Coast

I’ve got a new-to-me frame currently being held by a friend in Vancouver and I’m wondering if anyone has shipped a bike or frame across the country recently that’s not going to cost an arm and a leg. I thought about using BikeFlights, but their initial quote was close to $250. I’m not sure that Greyhound shipping is still available in Canada based on a quick search, but I’m not sure using Canada Post or UPS is going to be any cheaper.

Alternatively…anybody flying back from Vancouver that can bring a frame with them?

I wouldn’t recommend the bus.

Canada Post is probably your best choice.

I’d contact local bike shops and see if they do shipping. When I worked at cyclesmith I shipped hundreds of bikes all over the place. Times have changed, though.

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The bike I sold last year I shipped from here to Alberta with Day and Ross. It took longer as a freight shipment, but it was easy half the price of any other courier.

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Shipping freight is an interesting idea, I’ll see what I can track down for pricing on that. I found a couple of shops I’m going to reach out to that I’m hoping can taking care of it because that seems the easiest

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If it’s a full suspension bike consider taking the shock off and maybe even the read end. You should be able to squeeze it in to a much smaller box. smaller box, smaller shipping bill!

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Luckily it’s just the a frame/shock, so it’s not too huge even if it is an XL. I’m sure they could cut down a bike box quite easily.

I couple years back I shipped a frame and wheelset from a 90s Kona to Quebec through Purolator and from what I remember it was quite pricy

We just shipped a full sus frame to Qc we removed the rear triangle and fit it in a small kids bike box
Canada post $65
a frame recently purchased from BC came in at $75
Its all based on measurements