Shock lock out issue

I have a 2010 Norco Charger with 100mm rockshox tora. Last year I hit a small kicker jump (possibly had it locked?), landed somewhat hard, and since then the lock out no longer works. Anyone have some experience with this issue? Is the fork toast? I have heard that it’s usually not worth repairing shocks.

A tora 100mm is definitely not worth repairing unless you have access to free parts and can do it yourself.
It’s a very entry level fork and once it’s failed I’d suggest replacing.

I’ve been looking for a replacement… Most forks that become available are worth more than the bike. I’m not interested in spending hundreds of dollars on a bike that I’m going to end up selling.

SRAM publishes excellent service manuals for all forks. I’d suggest that you just take it apart and see if there’s anything visibly broken. If there’s nothing broken, maybe you’ll get lucky and just taking it apart, cleaning it, and putting it back together is all it needs?

If you do end up taking it apart, all you should need to put it back together is a small quantity of the right weight of fork oil and a bit of suspension grease. Both of which can be had locally and fairly cheaply.

It can be a bit intimidating the first time you take your suspension apart, but you’ll get used to it. And your suspension will benefit from regular maintenance.


My advice, would be that due to it being an older part. I would balance how much you need the lock out feature, to taking it apart and potentially rendering it useless.

There are alot of options for suspension servicing, but can be pricey.

I would go by the wise mantra of

“Run what ya Brung”


If it’s just the lock out, but the fork still works (it still compresses, springs back, doesn’t bottom out, doesn’t top out, doesn’t pogo), keep running it. Forks should be serviced periodically - if yours has never been serviced (take apart, clean out, new seals, new oil), it’s due - and you or the service tech can look at the broken lock out issue while they’re at it. Fork service isn’t that expensive ($30? - the shop guys can chime in on the going rate for basic fork service).

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I may actually take a look myself. Pick up some grease, oil, and clean it up. The fork is old enough that there are many rebuild videos out there. I won’t be overly upset if it ends up being destroyed.

In saying that, is there a recommendation for a local shop that may have used forks? (HRM)

Thanks for the responses so far.