Shock repair

Hey everyone, My rear shock is getting play in it and should be serviced. I normally ship mine off the Push Industries but they are quite pricey. Is there somewhere local I could take it for a overhaul? it is a 2011 Fox RP2.

If the play is simply due to the reducers being worn then replacing them is pretty easy to do yourself. even DU bushings are easy if you have the tool. Are your top and bottom mounting bolts properly torqued? If they are a little loose that could be what is causing the play you’re experiencing.

To be honest, most typical shock (air sleeve, reducers) and fork (oil, dust wipers) servicing is pretty easy to do. I’ve done 2 shocks and 3 forks in the last 6 months or so.

I’ve put new seals in a fox shock. It is pretty easy. YouTube is your friend.

Also, a bike shop can push in a new set of bushings pretty easily too.

I got a set of bushings from Cyclesmith for $5 recently… blew me away. Then the Bike Peddler pushed them in for free. I was willing to pay… tried to give them $20 but he wouldn’t take it. lol. It took him 15 minutes to push them in. He said they wave the occasional small job to build relationships.

Replacing the bushings in my 2012 Reign fixed the play issues I was having. It could be the spacers too though.

Excellent! I will take it into Cyclesmith sometime. I’m sure i just need new bushings popped into the eyes, I should probably service the shock too but the bushings is what is bothering me.