Short Track racing?

They are a hoot to try. I might give the CX a go sometime, but I might be too tempted to try hop over the barriers, which is actually probably slower and could make me look stupid.

So, I know I had a blast racing short track this past summer at Seaview Park Lookoff. Great way to compete without a huge time and financial commitment. And it makes for a great spectator sport. Did anyone else here give it a go? Is it something you think you might be interested in as a summer long/possibly rear roundish thing? Is it fine just the way it is? If you didn’t go this year, you really should next year. Royal hoot of a time. It’s intense, but it’s easier to keep that pace up for 20 minutes to half an hour, as opposed to a full on XC race. Post up what you think!


I have never tried one but keep thinking that I would like to.

There are still Cyclocross races at Seaview Park on Sundays. 40
minutes, plus a lap. I hope to try the Seaview MTB races in the