Show us your workshops

We all take pride in our own little workshops hidden away in the basement or the garage. I’ve taken inspiration from Aaron’s FB post and will use his pic to start this up.

Mine for the moment:

Jeez… I’m embarrassed to post my guitar/bike workshop. At least not without doing a cleanup first!

That’s just my bike storage. My shop is a mess. Inspiration to clean it now…

I need to get mine together. Right now it is just a pipe dream to a winter project.

In my mind my workshop looks like this

Nice setup Mike… is it always that clean and organized or did you get a heads up the photo crew was coming? lol

in reality it looks like this

multi-purpose, bike shop, brewery, laundry room

just the bare bones, literally as all the walls got torn down along with posters, flyers and race calendars for the reno’s.


Mine is filled with snowblower guts at the moment. I’ll clean er up and post a piccy