Shubie Photos

Anyone got some good biking photos in Shubie?

I think this is a good opportunity to show the “alternative” uses that the park gets. Who knows maybe it could lead to more winter trail development or grooming for biking, especially the “newest trend” of fat biking if @tbwron gets his advocacy group of the ground (no pressure :slight_smile: )


I will check and certainly there have been some good pics posted here. If anyone wishes to share them, that would be great!

I was going to post a few but I didn’t know what they meant by “the visitor comment section”

just add them at the red arrow on their page, they will show up on the right under “Visitor Posts”

I have a few I will share with them.


Also there was an Ice Race held a few years ago by @tommyboy and @murrdogg on Lake Charles. Anyone have pics of that?

Tons! But they’re on an external hard drive somewhere. I’ll see if I can dig them up.


Here are a few from the last couple or weeks


I think I have 3 on facebook. I’ll grab them at some point.

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Some nice pics, @Chris_Dwyer-perkins put a couple of nice ones up on their Facebook page…

and of course someone commented they weren’t sure that bikes are allowed on the canal trails only the multi-use trail (i.e. the trail that runs from Mic Mac Mall to Dartmouth Crossing and along Lake Charles)

wow, looks like some good riding.

Yea. there was a comment like that on another photo.


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