Site Sponsor - Old Port Pub

You may have noticed the latest addition to our sponsors banner topic. We are thrilled to accept Old Port Pub’s generous offer to support ECMTB for 2019.

Old Port Pub has also been a friend of the Halifax mountain biking community for a long while. Next time you are out for a beer in Dartmouth, stop in and say thanks!


Used to stop in there for lunch on the Halifax Dartmouth Halifax runs. Good burgers. And beers.


Tony has been in the MTB scene since the first, correct? It’s cool having their support.

I remember there being at least two ECMTB movie nights hosted at Old Port Pub. Was always a good time! Still have the Mace winter gloves that I won at one of them.


That’s right folks tony and the old port pub have been there for the mountain bike community and the original ecmtb since day one hosting movie nights, providing cold beverages and fine food. We are really happy to have their support and encourage all our members to stop in and experience the port for themselves :beers:


Thank you Tony and Bill!

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Any more movie nights andbeers ? :thinking:

Also if possible there should be a donation plugin link to account for those who want to pitch extra beers for the site admin maintenance, upgrade and those bloody coding scenes :yum:.