Site Sponsor - Sportwheels


More sponsor news! Pleased to welcome Sportwheels as a sponsor for 2019. The support Sportwheels has shown for ECMTB and the local bike scene in general goes back many years, and we’re thrilled to be affiliated with them.

As a token of their support, just mention ECMTB at their shop and receive a 10% discount on in-stock bike accessories. Thanks @sheldonmcq!


Awesome! One of my favorite shops.


Nice Sheldon always is very helpful and it’s nice that sport wheels is supporting mtb


Sportwheels, and myself are very happy to help out the community as much as we can. As always, site members are welcome to our 10% off ECMTB group discount, just remember to mention it when you are at the checkout. I believe we are working towards some more exciting opportunities for everyone in the near future. Thanks to everyone who had a part in making this happen. Here is to a great summer of cycling - :beers: :tumbler_glass:


Thanks for standing with us, @sheldonmcq!


Thanks Sportwheels and @sheldonmcq!