Ski Cape Smokey - MTB/Fat Bike Funduro and Craft Beer Festival

Not sure there’s a better combination to shake the winter blues than bikes, beer and awesome times.

Lots happening at the hill this particular weekend so book a spot in town. Open accommodations posted on the Cape Smokey site.

Details and Pre-Registration


So, if my some crafts while drinking Vitamin O does it count as craft beer? Either way I’ll be there.


Whats the race going to be like format and terrain wise? I might like to attend, could be fun!

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This will be a “funduro” format will include a circuit at the bottom of the hill, a casual stage ride up (will get motorized assist if conditions don’t allow a climb on pedals). Then down the hill. The images shown are from a 4X we did at Martock in 2002/2003. Surely there will be similar levels of carnage but a different format.

This is a casual/fun event aimed to bring like minded people together over fantastic times with a new (to us) backdrop that’s utterly breathtaking.

Also aiming to do an extremely memorable night ride for those keeners staying up in the Highlands. We promise this will be insane amounts of silly goose fun.

@Pepperjester - would love to see you and your peeps up for the event.


Hey PJ haven’t been on here to see this. Hoping to see some from here up in the mtns.

Format: fun event. Cross road to lower course - snaky single trail along shore and back through new lower parking to upper.
Then up new service road to top.
Late in climb stage we will send the groomer up the service road to pick up stragglers. Mo ine left behind for downhill stage.
Downhill stage will be slalom style every person for themselves give er to the bottom.
Beer fest starts as we are finishing race.
Musical entertainment and food.
Seven micro breweries I will be announcing later today.

A world first reveal of a new delicious product - the result of literally an international effort.
If we have enough interest i will lead a night ride up to the top for some social time then another ripper down.

There will be food and entertainment at the lodge til 10pm.

Accomodations listed on and if you phone you’ll get a 15% discount.


Also to note this is a working, functional ski hill. Family skiing all day. $15 adult tickets!!!

There is a Poma lift to get half way, and for those who want to go to top this year there will be a punch card system and skidoo rides from half to top.

If you’ve not been to Smokey or the CB Highlands it is magical in the winter time. If you have, this will be the last winter with the old lodge. What’s coming is going to be quite remarkable (understatement)…

You won’t be able to climb the towers to get the same views but OMG it’s unreal. #safetythird


Stoked this place is up and running. Wish I could get up there for the biking, unfortunately working.

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There’s a couple maps on the page to give a better sense of the Funduro loops


Too cool. I think it is almost 30 years to the day that I went to a winter mtb dual slalom at Wentworth. Times change, things get better.


Add beer, and a little sumpin’ sumpin’.

Winter Biker Cross at Martock was an utter riot as well.

It’s something about gettin’ er done in the winter on snow :slight_smile:


Lemme get this straight- fatbikes, craft beer, food, night ride, more craft beer and afterparty all in a killer venue??
That sounds like some proper January behaviour! Looking forward to it!


Does Cape Breton have Uber? I won’t be driving back to the Airbnb after this one. :wink:

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Funny you should mention but I am generally a one beer max kind of person so in that case I’ll help people back to their respective homes as able. We have some other DD options as well as huge inner tubes we can send you on :slight_smile:

There is indeed a taxi service in Ingonish, though. I’m fairly sure we’ll have them all on stand by from 8pm onwards :slight_smile:

So folks know we’re sweetening things up with a Free Day Ski Pass with every Bikes and Beer Pre Registration entry.

Also, we have a hot tub on site for participants of both. Bring yer dungaroos!


Sweet, I’ll bring my snowboard too.

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Adult receive a bratwurst with their registration.

It just keeps getting better!


Bratwürst has been on the pre-reg site the whole time, but we’re just teasing out the goods… lol.

Come for the ride, stay for the sausages, music and beer?

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Bratwurst and a hottub, so a TRUE sausage party!



No exposed sausages in the tub rules?


That wasn’t in the registration package.

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