Ski Touring. Anybody out there?

I recently moved to Halifax from Alberta and thought I’d see if there’s any ski tourers or splitboarders in this group. Mtb and touring usually go hand in hand out west so I’m hoping to find a group here to tour out East with. I’ve toured for a few years, moderate fitness, expert skier, have my AST1 and first aid training. I’d be interested in weekend trips anywhere in the Maritimes, Quebec or USA.

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Welcome to Halifax, Alex!

Talk to Chuck at @rideeast, he has been doing it for years.


Welcome to Halifax and ECMTB.
I’ll be looking to get out this winter. I have been skiing since before I can remember, but only bought my first touring gear this fall.
There are some good places in Gaspe region of Quebec, Sugarloaf in Maine, and occasionally there a few spots in the C.B highlands.

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Awesome. Shoot me a text at 4038133451 and let’s plan something

I’ve got a friend potentially organizing tours in Aspy area of CB Highlands. Let me know if interested and I can see about connecting

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I don’t “ski tour” but do a fair bit of backcountry cross country skiing if you into that sort of thing.

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Keppoch and Smokey have been good for slackcountry if your interested in just earning your turns locally.
At keppoch, they’ve been mowing/trimming the old downhill ski trails in the summer, nice modern lodge at the base. There is an honour system day pass fee to use the trails.
Not exactly sure how it would play out at Smokey with the Hill operating again…

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As a bit of a long-shot/tangent , I’m looking for used kids/small-footed women’s telemark gear-especially boots, to piece together a setup over the next two to five years or so.
My oldest is jonesing to try it out like his old man and it will be a long time before he will fit into my stuff.
Let me know if you’ve got a line on anything!

I’d be interested in that if you could connect us. Feel free to give them my cell- 4038133451. Thanks!

I don’t know about around here, but I do have some suggestions on where to get used touring gear out West. That might be one of the few options for used gear since its not a common sport. The University of Calgary Outdoor Center sells there gear at the end of the season. They’ll have a variety of sizes. Wilson Mountain Sports in Lake Louise is actually where I bought my used touring gear at the end of their season.

Other than that, kijiji is a good place to look, but you’ll have to change your location to Quebec or BC/AB to find anything I suspect. I’ve heard before that the Calgary/Canmore/Banff kijiji is the best place in the country for used back country gear

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