Skull trail trailhead

Hey everybody
Was looking for a help
Ive been to spiderlake a few times this year. Had a ton of fun hitting some single track trails off the double track but im not sure if ive actually found the main skull trail yet. I was under the impression it was signed. I cant find a map. Trail forks app doesnt even show it. Is it still acessible? If so does anybody have a trail map?


Welcome Devstrek!

The Skull trailhead is painfully obvious once you know where it is…

Park as usual and head up the doubletrack. After a couple of minutes of riding you will start to see where the a-hole atv riders have rutted the hell out of the trail. This is particularly bad as it flattens out at the top. We call this area the von Trapp and some call it the meadow. Keep riding through there and as you enter the woods again look on your right, maybe 30 feet in and you will see the trailhead for Skull

It is always hard to describe a spot on the trail but I think you could find it if you just follow the doubletrack until you get to the top and the ruts disappear as you go back into the woods. The trail is there on your right

The easiest way to find it is probably the oldschool way, by having someone who knows where it is take you there. But @muddy description is pretty good. It is not on Trailforks anymore (along with a few other trails in there) because the landowner, Halifax Water asked to have them removed.

It’s been removed from trail forks. It’s on water shed land and Halifax water commission had concerns about liability issues. If you go straight up the road from the trail head you will finish climbing, then go thru a open area. Once you re enter the woods you will see a trail on your right. If you go straight that’s skull, if you take the fork to the right that is the ribbon of love. Best advice is to try and hook up with someone and get a tour, hope that helped some.

Thanks everybody. Think i was in on it but it was towards the end of my ride and it was getting hot so i turned back and pretty sure i took the ribbon of love back down

Ribbon and Skull entrances are right beside each other. Past the clearing, first trail on the right is Ribbon, second (the main road turns a little left, almost straight ahead as previously mentioned) is Skull.