Smart trainer apps

Im looking for everyones opinions on smart trainer apps. What’s are your experiences??

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Me too.

Zwift is by far the most popular amongst the clientele at the shop. I’ve tried it a few times and it’s definitely fun. Like a video game but you’re getting exercise.

Not sure on the cost though.

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Zwift is the shit!

Monthly fee, huge online community, nothing out there now compares.

Use Zwift occasionally. Definitely beats sitting on a trainer watching tv. Your pedalling effort matches what your avatar does onscreen, and there’s incentive to stay with other riders, try to get a good place on a climb or circuit, or just see what’s around the next corner. I have had a hard time making myself do 20 minutes on a trainer before Zwift. I’ve done over an hour trying to finish a route on Zwift and not been bored. If only there was an offroad trail route.

Zwift does have one offroad track that can be unlocked I hear. Itis the obvious choice and what most have been saying to get, second is train road. How does zwift hold up long term? Am I going to get board of the routes and features quick?