Smart trainer apps

Im looking for everyones opinions on smart trainer apps. What’s are your experiences??

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Me too.

Zwift is by far the most popular amongst the clientele at the shop. I’ve tried it a few times and it’s definitely fun. Like a video game but you’re getting exercise.

Not sure on the cost though.

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Zwift is the shit!

Monthly fee, huge online community, nothing out there now compares.

Use Zwift occasionally. Definitely beats sitting on a trainer watching tv. Your pedalling effort matches what your avatar does onscreen, and there’s incentive to stay with other riders, try to get a good place on a climb or circuit, or just see what’s around the next corner. I have had a hard time making myself do 20 minutes on a trainer before Zwift. I’ve done over an hour trying to finish a route on Zwift and not been bored. If only there was an offroad trail route.

Zwift does have one offroad track that can be unlocked I hear. Itis the obvious choice and what most have been saying to get, second is train road. How does zwift hold up long term? Am I going to get board of the routes and features quick?

Looks like zwift will be adding proper MTB and gravel bikes/routes.

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Couple times before I got bored watching zwift while on-board a trainer, I learned that I can match up my cadence by watching POV rides Like bkxc and other youtube long rides and does feels exceptionally Exciting except the bumps, drops and rolls. I do still get post ride beer after for a realistic simulation. :wink:


Outside or nothing for this guy.


Zwift is great! Crank out the kilometres on the flats, or climb to your hearts content. If you have a hard time motivating yourself to push you can take part in races. They are a lot of fun.

TrainerRoad is great if you can’t get into the virtual world thing of Zwift. It’s focus is squarely to help you get stronger on the bike and leaves the in-ride entertainment up to the user.
And if you don’t have a smart trainer, it’s probably a better option than Zwift. For about $50 in sensors you’re up and running with the Virtual Power feature.

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