Snowshoe recommendation

I am looking for a family set of snowshoes and see the occasional post about snowshoeing here. I am super new to this activity and Hoping you snowshoeing gals/guys can offer up some suggestions on what to get or look for?
I’ve noticed there are strap style and boa style closures. Canadian tire has some clearance stuff at 50% off for outbound and Woods. Costco has their winter offering with poles for $99.99. Are poles necessary or nice to have?
I’m not looking to break the bank but I figure it is similar to biking where any pair will do but it might be worth getting someone above entry level.

Any help would be great.

I use my old telescopic backcountry ski poles. They are not necessary but help with balance when the snow gets crusty. I also appreciate a shoe with some sort of crampon for the hidden ice. I’ve owned Atlas and Tubbs. Lots of good options at MEC.

Aluminum with crampons. Woods will get shredded by all the granite. Aluminum will hold up a little longer.

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I’m still using whatever the army gave me 30 years ago. j/k but seriously you can sometimes get the army issue ones at rons army navy on agricola. Most people use modern bear paw like ones now, though, so you will probably be laughed at if you go my route. Great for breaking trail and lugging a ruck, though.

I’ve been using the Canadian Tire woods or outdoors? Branded ones on my 3 pair in 20 years of snowshoing. Cheap and decently made.

If you’re on perfectly flat trails, the standard aluminum snow shoes widely sold every where will suit your purpose. If you’re on inclines, especially if you have to travel perpendicular to the slope, get something like I’ve attached below. Reason being, they have long toothed rails that run front to back, these will grip the side slops and keep you from sliding, where other snow shoes are more likely to lose their traction.

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I have been using a set of these Atlas 1025s for about 10-15 years, they’ve been through everything and still keep going. Spend the money on good kit and it’ll last.


I have a pair of Tubbs that have been around Wrandees probably a hundred times or so!


I have had a pair of GV wide trails for 20 years, and recently received another pair from work. The 20 year old pair are still as serviceable as they were when I first bought them, and they are used a lot for hunting every winter. They have a lifetime warranty as well. Like said above, spend the money up front if you can, and they’ll last. I like the models of GV that have the pivot bar vs the pivot strap on others, much more control. Made in Canada is a bonus as well!

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Years ago I was given a pair of Costco snowshoes (Yukon?) for Christmas. They worked, but never stayed straight on my feet, and just left a lot to be desired. A few years back I decided to replace them with some Atlas ones on sale at Atmosphere. It is a night and day difference. They stay on my feet exactly where I put them and are way easier to walk in. Well worth spending a little bit more once and getting something decent that’ll last.

I have poles as well, but rarely use them.