So Who Else Rode This Weekend?

It was a wild weekend for sure.

I rode Shubie Park on both days. Saturday was bitter, bitter cold. Minus 18 when I headed out from MicMac Mall. Minus 27 if you count the f’in wind. I wear lots of layers and goretex windstopper material as a full layer outside so I was feeling Ok. Not warm but not cold. However, the balls of feet were both really cold (frozen) from the metal cleats on the bottom of my spd shoes. I tried some of those cheap heated insoles but the did absolutely nothing. Great ride though. Perfect amount of packed snow down and the park was virtually empty. One of my favorite rides of the year.

Yesterday morning at 8:30 a buddy of mine and I headed to Shubie. It was crazy out. The storm was in full mode. We rode from The end of the road by MicMac Mall (Lakeview??) by the playground to Vivians Way and back. One hour 40 minutes :o There had to be easily 6-8 inches of snow down and when you got close to a lake the drifts were starting to pile up. Once we turned around at Vivians Way and headed back it wasn’t long before our track completely disappeared from the trail in front of us. You could not tell we just rode through the same trail just a few minutes ago. I wasn’t cold at all, although it was quite cold and windy out. It was no where near Saturday’s temps. I LOVED this ride. I would have to say it was one of my favorite rides ever. It was just so unique.

Did anyone else get out to experience the Great Outdoors in all its glory?!

Didn’t get out on the bike this weekend but did get out side. Saturday Michelle and I decked two bridges and pre cut come decking for a third. Sunday we when on an an excellent cross country ski adventure.

I wish I had got out for fun but it was all shoveling out buildings and the driveway, knocking snow of the greenhouse, replacing frozen water buckets for the animals…on the up side I probably got more exercise than if I had got out for a ride or a ski :wink:

2.5 hours not the skibike.

Maybe tonight, but technically, it’s still my weekend.

i went down and rode in shubie on saturday as well. it up all my secret singletrack and thru the park. for sure ti was cold but i took the spd’s off the bike and ran with flats and good warm boots. something you might want to try if you are having cold foot issues like i have. but it was great to get out.