Soft Grips . . . like 'em or hate 'em (REVIEW)

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They are a little on the odd side . . . to someone who has always run “regular” grips.

I dislike thick grips, soft grips and even medium grips, and I definitely hate ergonomic and shaped grips. None of them fit my hands properly.

I run the Easton carbon-bar specific grips on both of my MTBs. They’re super thin, with a great little rise on either end to help keep your hand on. Plus, you can’t torque them too much and crack your bar, they’ve never come loose and the end cap is aluminum and built in.

They have a great texture. Large on top, smaller on the underside for grip, and a sticky material to boot. I wear gloves cause my hands sweat a bunch, but these would be awesome for gloveless riders. A bunch of colours (i run black) and available in two thicknesses. I use the 30s.

I love them!

I just switched to set of thick grips and really dislike them. I felt ore in control with thinner ones. Maybe once I get used to them it will be better

I like them hard, and thick. I like having a bit more surface area to hold onto. I’m a tall person with big hands. I run a carbon bar with regular bolt on ones.

I have thin Kona ones on my commuter, and I dislike them every time I grab that bike.

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I like them hard, and thick. [/quote]

That what she… Uh never mind…

I actually use and like the Kona lockons a lot. Tried some larger grips at one point (Rocky Mountain) and while I could ride with them just fine, they did feel pretty foreign. I’d like to try those Eastons sometime.


I tried the soft foam grips for a season, but the ended up trashed after only a few months use. Way too soft for any encounters with tree trunks, or being crashed. The foam literally just tears off, and they really aren’t that comfortable on longer rides.

I’m using Ergon GE1 grips this year and really like them. I know a few other riders that are using them and are also very happy. They come in regular and slim profiles to suit different hand sizes. I’m using the regular.

I’ve rode ODI Ruffian lockon grips for years and have never found an issue with them. I always wear gloves when I ride and I see no reason to go to any other grip.


I put the Ruffian grips on my son’s bike. They seem great, similar to the Kona grips but I think the material they make them from might be a bit more durable, the last set of the Kona ones didn’t last as long as the ones I had previously, maybe they’ve changed to a less durable material, I’m not sure.

Tried a set of the Ergon grips and hated them… just not for me.

@gtrguy “foreign” is a good word to describe them. I have spent a few weeks with them and they feel more familiar and comfortable. However I am concerned about the durability like @JoshM mentioned.

I’m liking the ODI Rogues. A bit bigger than the Ruffians, but good for me.