SOLD! 2003 Kona Stinky frame size small with fork and post

Hey everyone, as much as I wanted to hang this on my wall for the cool factor, I’m really not that sentimental. Selling my 2003 Kona Stinky FRAME in size small, with Thompson seat post, and Boxxer Team dual crown fork of roughly the 2005 vintage. It was serviced last year by Granite suspension, though as all these do, the rebound adjustment doesn’t work. As well to note, there is no rear shock with it. Entertaining offers or advice as to what this stuff may be worth, I know it isn’t much. Steer tube is 1-1/8" straight and over 8" long. Axle size is 20x110.



I’d say that’s likely very accurate haha.

man, hang that thing on your wall. this was by far the best era of mtb. back before the trail clones took over.

edit: posted this comment before even reading your post haha. my baddddd

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If no interest, I surely won’t be tossing it! It will likely end up on my wall.

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If someone is considering this frame and wondering about a shock, I’m pretty sure I have a Fox air shock here that would fit. @Jeremy_Golden is the shock size 7.785 x 2.0" (200x51mm)?


That is correct!

Is this still available?

The fork is pending sale

What do you want for the frame? I can pick this up today if it’s still available.


Sorry, the frame and fork are pending sale.