Sold - 2011 Avid Elixir CR Brakeset

2011 Avid Elixir CR Brakeset. These brakes were stock on my 2011 Giant Reign 0 that I bought as a leftover in 2012. The first set of replacement pads are now worn out. 180mm and 160mm Rotors are still in good shape. Front brake hose is 800mm (31.5") long and rear is 1500mm (59" long).
Price: SOLD

These need to go now. Replaced the pads in the front brake. Needs bleeding. New Price Sold.

This is a great deal. I don’t need brakes right now but am temped to grab them for spares. Are you in need of any parts. I have a lot of stuff kicking around that I’d be willing to trade. Take a look at my pb selling list and let me know. If you don’t see anything there just ask. I have a lot of stuff I haven’t posted yet.

Brakes are sold!