SOLD! Both pairs gone

I have 2 sets of size 14 shoes that I bought before Five Ten started making the size 15 shoes that I actually need. Both shoes are in great shape. The Freerider VXi’s saw more wear than the regular Freeriders. Shoes were mainly worn to the pump track and as casual shoes with maybe 2 trips out on the mtb before I went back to clips. $25/ pair.
Freerider VXi


Where are you located?

Id take the 2nd pair off your hands. Pending you still have them next time im intothe city.

I’m in Clayton Park. Let me know next time you’re coming in town.

Be this weekend I would guess. Need to make a Costco Run anyways.

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Still got those shoes? Into fight trail in the morning.

I do yes. I’m not riding until the afternoon/ evening. I have to be somewhere for noon. But if your passing through before that I will be home if you want to stop and grab them.