SOLD: Parts from Thule T2 Pro XTR 2"

Make an offer for parts if you need them. The main spine and one tray is damaged and not for sale, unless someone wants scrap metal.

Do you have the fat bike straps? They are an add-on (bullshit add-on IMO).

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Nope. Only what’s pictured here.

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How much for the undamaged assembly that holds the bike?

$100 with everything attached to it.

I have this

The stock straps work for fat bikes. You just have to reposition them into a different notch.

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My T2 XTR rack only has one notch.

Remove from here…

Insert it here…



To those interested, this rack is probably repairable by somebody who can bend metal. I believe the rack will fold down after bending one piece. Could sell the entire thing for $250. It was practically brand new before it got hit.

Still selling these parts?

Still have it, if you want to check it out this weekend.

how much for the trays (I guess only one is good)?

How do I dm you?

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Just click on the individuals icon or photo. In your case, your green circle. Then you will have an option to message.

Probably only going to sell the entire thing or fix it up myself at this point.

New users aren’t able to send PM’s in an effort to reduce potential spam. I bumped you up a trust level so you now should be able to send PM’s.


I have a perfectly good entire bottom section of a T2 XT (same model minus the wheels) that was used about a year. I would sell if you are interested. I bought it just before the XTR came out

Hi. Would like the whole thing, want to merge it on to my european bikerack from wispbar/prorack. Please send me a PM. Regards

Hi, are you still selling some parts from it?