Solo Riding Suggestions

Now the kids are back at school I’ve got time to ride. Just joking, with 3 kids, a hurricane and sickness there has only 2 out of 10 days when they’ve all made it!

What are some good trails for solo riding. I’ve been spending a bit of time at Fight but it’s time to branch out.

Looking for trails with a good amount of traffic throughout the day, easy to navigate and doesn’t range too far from the trail head. Also no dangerous animals would be a bonus! (I come from a country where nothing can kill you)

Have you been to the norawarren trails yet? Just down the road from fight.
Not much distance (yet) but well signed and nice for a bit of variety.
If you have the time, getting out of the city to the empire trails in gore or Victoria park in Truro would fit the bill.

If you want to go even further, take the kids to a day trip on the weekend up to keppoch, near Antigonish, about a 2.5 hr drive from halifax. You can shuttle or climb up yourself, really well signed. Lots of great trails. Depending on how old your kids are, there should be lots for them to do at the base- riding the pumptrack and the little peak trail,climbing boulders disc golf and a nice base lodge with fireplace, coffee/hot chocolate for sale. The leaves will probably be changing colours soon, making for nice viewing on the drive up and from the summit


Unfortunately for real MTB riding (singletrack) within HRM there are really only 2 choices that meet your criteria Fight Trail and Norrawarren.

MacDonald Sportspark in Waverly meets your criteria but it’s 90% crusher dust trails with some decent climbing/decending there is a little bit of singletrck.

If you don’t mind driving for 45-60 min you could ride Irishman’s Rd or Wolfville Reservoir, Gore or Truro that meet the criteria. ($10 pay to play)

As for animals I wouldn’t be too concerned they don’t want anything to do with you and it’s rare to even see any that would be a threat, they hear and smell you coming long before you see them. I’ve spent decades in the woods in NS and have never had an encounter with an animal that I would consider dangerous. In reality this time of year I’d be more concerned with the people looking to shoot the animals in the woods than the animals themselves.


Come to Truro :wink:


One day soon!

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Brunello i hear has some nice stuff but short. I ride Whooper all the time solo.


Forgot about Brunello ($5 +tax/hour) pay to play… very small right now, just shy of 2.5km of trail.

I left Whopper out because it doesn’t really fall into the criteria of being easy to navigate unless you are quite familiar with it. Same with Spider Lake. Although both are quite popular and I wouldn’t think twice about riding there alone.


I’ve ridden Norrawarren and Whopper on Tuesday night rides. Whopper seemed a bit too isolated to ride without knowing my way around. I may go up there and have a nosy around. I’ve found the Trailforks on the Garmin pretty good for following tracks

Norrawarren is definitely a goer.

I’ve taken the kids to Brunello but it’s too short at the moment for a decent ride.


You’re best bet is Whopper dropper or bowater.

Doesn’t NZ also have crazy deadly spiders and creepy crawiles; we just have cute, fuzzy, cuddly teddy bears :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t agree more.

If you’re up for Bowater, I’d be up for getting lost with you. It is in my back-yard and would be up for doing some exploring.

On an unrelated note, I apologize for the multiple quote posts, I’ve yet to figure out how to consolidate quotes from multiple posts to a single reply. Feedback is appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wouldn’t recommend Bowater unless you’re with someone that knows it. It’s not on trailforks and there’s no maps. Also travelling in the wrong direction without linking up the different areas will quickly suck the fun right out of it.


Of course with the sacred guidance of cool locals and post ride beers, stoked shall you have!

You can manually copy/paste the text you want to quote from each post, and then put the HTML tags around it… or just highlight the text you want to quote, click quote, then move to the next one and repeat. It dumps them all into the same reply.

This one included just to show it can be done. :wink:

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How long is norwarren? I always do fight. Ive yet to try it

@DEBO most people get a 4-5km ride out of it. Currently it is an out and back trail. Its fun, like the front country stuff at fight.

Thanks man. Ill have to check it out next time im able to get over that way

I’m heading into whopper in a couple hours, if you want a tour.

Thanks Jeff. I didn’t see this yesterday, but just riding Mon - Fri at the moment. Weekends are spent keeping kids occupied!

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