South Shore

I’m spending a couple of weeks in Port Joli again this year and asking this question for the second year in a row. Are there any trails of any sort between Liverpool and Port Joli? The two parks are there but not much for riding. I don’t think they allow it at Keji Seaside. ATV trails?

@Wayners your best bet would be to contact the Lunenburg County Mountain Bike Association. They can be reached through their facebook page or

Perfect. I’ll give them a try.

What’s down this way for trails? I’ll be heading to port Joli this weekend as well and am taking the bikes with me

As far as Port Joli is concerned, there isn’t much of anything. I don’t believe bikes are allowed on the trails at Keji Seaside but I’m not sure what Thomas Raddel might have.
I’ve concentrated more on kayaking and haven’t done much exploring on my bike.

You’re correct, no Biking at Seaside yet. There will be a trail rehab project starting this fall that will also look at allowing bikes in the park as well as adding a few new re-routes and upgrades to existing infrastructure.

I rode the Liverpool bike park a couple days ago ( Nothing special, the town hadn’t cut the grass along the trail, but it’s still decent if you wanted to kill an hour or two with the kids. There’s more of a focus on jump lines and drops with one 1.8km trail in there as well.

There also a beautiful skate park right there if you’re into that.

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