Speedy Recovery

Hey bud’s, let’s give a Big shoutout of support for Full speedy recovery to our ECMTB brother @Cheshiremark!


Yes, I hear it was a fractured pelvis from a spill at Fight, @Cheshiremark?

Heal up fast bud! Really sucks to be out this time of year. (Or at all really)

Same place as you @Dominator… we’ll have to name it: Dom’s and Mark’s Folly or something.

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Crapola, that sucks! Where on Fight was it?

credit: @IanM_MTB


Not that it makes it any better but I am pretty sure that is not the first time someone has crashed exactly there and broke their pelvis. Heal up!

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Wow… doesn’t look like a pelvis breaking fall. Is it the 90 degree rock ledge he fell on?

Heal up soon…

Landed on a ledge, bump, or some sort of outcropping that took the entire brunt of his fall onto the hip. Nasty. :frowning:

Anyone have a spare hip?


That sucks that it ended up being a fracture! Hopefully the recovery isn’t too long!

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Same place I crashed and broke my ribs last summer…

Jesus! That makes four people, just that I know of, who were seriously injured in the same spot in the last year.

Does there even need to be a bridge there? Could we rip it out and replace with rock armouring?

Maybe it just needs to be a better bridge? I’m no expert or architect, but I’ll go in with you and take a look, and help out with any improvements.

Also: knowing not only that people were hurt, but also HOW they got hurt may be important. In Mark’s case, it looks like the rear wheel slid off while the front wheel was turned a bit, which would have thrown the whole thing sideways and dumped him. Solution: wider bridge.

But if others for a wheel stuck in the rocks on the exit (and there looks like potential for that), then that’s a different issue with a different fix.

Mark and I were discussing that part of the problem in that trail is there’s no warmup, just straight into the hard technical as soon as you start. Rock landings don’t help either. :wink:

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Not sure what you talking about @JeffV , I don’t remember falling at Fight :slight_smile:

@Cheshiremark heal up fast.

I suggest mini skills park at the entrance.


A little warm up before the first bridge, eh.

I think the problem is you approach the bridge at an angle from the left (with a drop) and exit at an angle to the right (with a climb). And it’s a narrow bridge. There’s a lot going on in that short section.

The sight line is straight across the gap but the bridge cuts back across the sight line.

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So a wider bridge at a different angle? Or would the wider bridge sort out the issue? Angling the bridge would require a little more effort, I think, but should be possible.

Should we spin this off into a separate topic?

In my case it was last summer when things were super dry and as soon as I hit the bridge my wheel slid over the edge and I slammed down. Probably just the dust on the bridge that made it slippery. Still haven’t got around to replacing the taco’d front rim.

I agree. I tend to try to cut over the last rock before the bridge as far to the right as possible so I can roll onto the bridge without having to do any weird maneuvering.

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I’d take the bridge out altogether and just drop some rocks down.

It’s not like its a big gap that can only be crossed by bridge. And from what I can recall it’s not all that wet or muddy underneath it. We had a fair amount of wet weather last week but you can see in the video there’s no water under the bridge.


That’s a crappy way to start the season. Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery.
I’ve never ridden my mtb in the city or anywhere in HRM, but know that granite has zero forgiveness if you were to fall on it. You guys are nuts.

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