Spider Lake in the news again

Search and Rescue were back at Spider Lake:



Can I hijack the thread and ask if enough time has passed that we can begin to speculate on what happened to buddy from this summer? My guess is he wanted to disappear.

I could not agree more.

I am not sure how you could get lost at Spider Lake:

A) It is not vast wilderness. It is bordered on all 4 sides by roadways
B) If he had a medical or bike mishap he would be on the side of the trail
C) There is no body of water to unexpectedly fall into and drown

It seems to me they reported him missing around supper time on a Thursday. If they didn’t find him by Friday at noon. he just wasn’t there to be found

Yeah, I’ve wondered a few times about that guy. Either he took off and didn’t want to be found… or he ventured much further than the bounds of Spider Lake… it wouldn’t be hard to get to a lot of different places from there looking for more trails.

Either way… weird stuff.

A riding buddy of mine lives just off the Miller Lake Road and about a half a KM from the airport. The search team was walking shoulder to shoulder in his back yard. They did cover lots of “extra” ground

As long as we’re speculating, maybe he came across something he shouldn’t have seen and he was…“taken care of”.

Best video reply ever.

Yeah, I figured either he tied himself to his bike and went swimming, or got up to the highway and hitchhiked into oblivion.

I talked to the helicopter guys. They said they are able to hover low enough that they could see the bottom of the bodies of water and that nothing turned up there either.

It is strange that his bike has not turned up back there though. It doesn’t make it impossible to hitch a ride but makes it much more difficult to hitch a ride when you are carrying a mountain bike.

For all we know this poor guy has turned up safe and sound at home. The family is under no obligation to tell us and if this is the case they may feel like they will get into trouble for all that took place and are just keeping it quiet. He may have called from Montreal to say he is totally safe but needs to stay “lost”


Not the first time someone has “disappeared” only to turn up later. A man was missing for about a week, unfortunately in this case it ended in tragedy, http://metronews.ca/news/halifax/929079/dartmouth-man-killed-while-walking-on-highway-102-struck-by-transport-truck/

You can cover a lot of ground on a bike, he could have easily left the spider lake area and ended up somewhere else, we may never know what happened.

Having been on a search or two, some of them turning up bodies instead of survivors, I think people should realize that folks can do some pretty stupid things when they are lost. Stuff that may not be a big deal when you are not lost can be a life/death turning point in a lost person situation.

Here’s a for instance for you: I had a guy call me one time because when he got lost, he hid his bike/camelbak/wallet in the woods and proceeded to bushwack his way out. When he went back to retrieve his bike later on after recovering a few days, he couldn’t find it because it was hidden so well. He hoped by describing the trail to a trail guru I could help him find it. What kind of headspace would you be in to leave your ID and camelbak behind?

He eventually got it back a year or so later when someone hunting or something came across it.

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How much space do you need to get lost? People have camped overnight at Long Lake because they couldn’t get out after it got dark.

Think it won’t happen to you?

I don’t think it won’t happen to me, only cause I go in prepared. But well… thats not a mindset everyone shares :slight_smile:

I rode back to Lake Major off of Skull in Sept (as far as I could before the trail tapered off), there was search tape everywhere. So yea, they searched back there really far.

Like really people if ya dont fully know the land set markers or get a gps . And always always have a pack emergency hiking pack .

Or if you’ve never been there before, save yourself lots of day light…