Spider Lake---Skull Trail tour

Several riders have expressed an interest to check out the Skull Trail. Some evening this week(Wednesday, Thursday or Friday) If there is interest I could take you a grand tour of main trail and then some more single track fun. Challenging climbs drops and rolls to be found. You will have to walk a few of these, especially the first time. Lots of good riding. No drop easy going tourist type ride.
Pick one of these three evenings and pick a time and lets roll.
This will be a 2 hour ride


I’ve been in a few times. If I’m available, I’d go in.

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I’m in for Thursday or Friday! Have seen some of it in winter, but would a tour from the master!


I’m interested too. Thursday or Friday are better for me too but I won’t know for sure until later in the week.

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I mean only that I respect Russ as a rider and guide, and trust him not to lead us astray. No disrespect meant to whomever the original trail builder may be.


Skull was never fully abandoned. The second steep climb just before the end loop is now rideable thanks to a group that spent two weekends on the trail fixing that hill and a few others bad spots. Also someone built the newish lollipop trail off of Skull that is super fun. There has been other repairs happening to keep the trail open and in good condition, I did some brush clearing along the trail myself and three differant winters I dragged my chain saw on my trusty sled in the winter to clear fallen trees. The last winter I did this about 4 years ago after a few nasty wind storms I cleared exactly 50 trees from Spider Lake but mostly from Skull trail, especially on the Lake Major extension. So the Skull is alive and well.:slight_smile:
When IanMHFX said master I believe he means that at my age I can still sit on my bike and not fall over.:bicyclist:


HWC knows we are there and are ok with us as long as we don’t use wooden structures especially jumps.

I’m in for this as well. Pick a day and time (as long as it is 5 or later) and I’m there.

You want real then here goes. Russ is the master in my books and many others. If you don’t like that then it’s to fucking bad but it got nothing but to do with who built the trail it’s just about respect from the rest of the community.


The legend, The master, The hero then there’s “The Asian Tourists” holding my beer right now enjoying the forum. :joy::rofl: I might be up for that ride too on thurs and Friday.

It’s got nothing to do with who built it . It was a topic about going for I ride till you took exception to the use of the term master so that’s on you.

fixed, keep the rubber side down.

WTF??!!?? What the heck are you arguing over? Does it matter really?

I would be up that that as well. Thursday or Friday would work for me.

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It’s over. Everyone forget about it, move on, and just enjoy the ride with Russ.


Thursday 6:30 ride time with Friday as back up if trails are wet Thursday.
If you have a light bring it but chances are you won’t need it.
Fly dope
If you don’t like stopping fairly often then this is not the ride for you.
2 hour estimate.


I’m in if the ride is on!

Ride is on.

Darn, can’t passed work. Have fun buds!

I’m out too. Can’t get out of work early enough to get there.