Spider Lake Sunday afternoon (March 12, 2017)

Continuing the discussion from 2016/17 Winter Trail Conditions:

To accommodate my brother in arms, @shadowfox70, let’s plan to start the ride at 1:30pm. Depending on trail conditions, we will hopefully hit Silversides as well as the usual gamut of Inner Peace, Ribbon of Love, Six Pack, Humps, etc. Maybe Poker Run or Skull Trail if conditions allow.

Potential for post-ride refreshment for those interested. Mic Mac Tavern, maybe? Open to suggestions.

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I should be in town as of now. May even bring the new steed…not sure yet.

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Still on the fence, might meet you there. I was out that way last night and the new snow covered up all the ice patches making for a tricky ride. The freeze thaw snow was all rideable.

The word is that Skull is pretty good, some ice but riedable without studs,

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Going to try to get in on this as well.

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Minus 16, wind chill minus 27? Dress well for this, friends! Thinking Silversides may not happen so that we can avoid being out in the exposed trail to get there.

Anyone been on Poker Run lately?

Can we forward this to a summer like solstice?!

@riderx you going?

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I’m out. Skull and Poker Run will probably provide good wind block.

Looking forward to a trail report, Mon and Tues look pretty good for temperature.

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I’m out. In midst of doing some bike maintenance.

I am heading in to do an a errand or two. Could meet whomever goes for a beer.

Text me when and where.


Wee Jew it was :ok_hand: Gorgeous out there.