Spider Lake - ughh!

things continue to improve in the spider trail system this year as more work gets done to repair some of the damage caused from the loggers as well as normal upkeep. we have not seen or heard of any activity yet this year so will remain caustically optimistic that the worst has been done. having said that i think the next major work will take place over in the watershed side on the ribbon which has seen little to no love for a while now. conditions are currently good the humps is opened back up and other small surprises.

I was shocked on Saturday to see how much clear cutting has actually occurred at Spider Lake. Fortunately, the cutters seem to be avoiding the trails, but it’s definitely sad - parts of it seem like an entirely different place now. On the upside, one of the reasons I haven’t ridden Spider much in the past while is the fact that it always seemed to be incredibly crowded. On Saturday, traffic was pretty light. Are people avoiding these trails because of the cutting or was it just a fluke?

Logger told me tonight that they found some pot plants while clearing trees and the police came and took them out
All the hundreds of hours I spent in those woods and I never found the Pot of gold http://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/4ae6aa98aa63363c16ea74f927696bd9.gif

Is this going to make the trail system disjointed? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, bad pun.

You should see it now!
People seem to still be flocking there.

good news
I hear from Jay Keddy that he has been working on trail off of the Skull trail.
It is a good time to get out and put some time in on the existing trails.

That is good news, but is the area up around Skull safe from logging? I guess if it’s watershed it must be.

I rode the old Spider lake Poker run tonight by Leonard lake and around to the pipeline It was in fair condition

Then on my way back I picked up a branch and tore the derailleur off.

So I made it a single speed and got out just before dark.

That truly sucks. Was it just your derailleur or did you take the hanger with it?

I was in on Sunday, and it’s getting pretty bad. So, I’m thinking of draining/armouring and fixing up Skull Trail a fair bit, and re-doing the bridge properly so it is safe and will last. I’m pretty sure you’ll see more trails popping up off of Skull in the future. I think you’ll see the non-watershed side of Spider basically fall to the wayside here pretty soon. It’s a shame after all the work people put into it, but a new era of trail building is on the way!

Right on. I have often thought that section could be pretty nice with some work and maybe a connector to make it a full loop instead of an in an out trail.
I can’t wait to see your work!!

I was in there on Sunday morning with a couple of people and we started down a trail (not sure what it’s called), only to discover that they were cutting down trees like 10 trees in front of us. So, we hightailed it out of there and went down some other trails. Keep an eye out for where they’re doing the cutting.

Yeah. I know where you mean. It seems that all of Jim’s work is buried under skidder tracks and fallen limbs.
Very crappy!

On the bright side (if there is one) the Tack Man is really getting what he had coming to him!

Skull posted on cogeyed that Spider is done :frowning:

not sure if skull trail is still acessiable and what future holds for it but certainly sad seeing all the hard work Shawn and Jim did no longer there

They were cutting there when we were in last week Matt. The road to Skull is still passable.

I knew about the cutting jsut thought they were still playing nice and trying not to destroy the single track but apparently not

No more Mr. nice guy.

the latest cutting has been on the side of the hill which contained the sections, my humps, the traverse, five corners and all the other stuff between the old road on top off the hill down to the firepit. this new cutting has been done with no attempt to keep the trails clear and undamaged. if we are going to be able to go in and ride these sections again then there will need to be a fair amount of work done, some of which may involve chainsaws. the stuff on the right which would be the inner peace and the ribbon are still there but have seen a lot of traffic in the wet and are getting pretty chewed up. most people are now going in and riding the skull trail. all these trails are on the watershed property but access to them from spider lake drive could be a problem at some point if they move forward with any developement, but for now is still open.