Split post... re bikes for your significant other

Definitely a good deal… sadly I have to many bikes and like @Nova a better half that would have my head if I let another one in without some of the current ones getting cleared out first. I really gotta get to work on that…eventually…

Half the reason I’m selling this is that I just got my wife a new hardtail that fits and suits her better.


Here’s to that.

I had an unsuccessful attempt at getting Anitra into biking with a hardtail I built. The geometry was all wrong though. Too much fork gave it a high bottom bracket and made her nervous.

Later, I finally bought her a proper one and she’s loving it.

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Hey Jeff, was that hardtail you built up with the Fox fork I sold you? I have some of the Fox spacers at home if you wanted to sort out the geometry by bringing the travel down. Only takes a few minutes to install them. I think that was a 140mm if I recall?

Yeah, it is, @gtrguy .

It would be great if you could help me with that. I’m giving the bike to my brother and 140mm is too much for him too.

No problem, I’ll see what I have for spacers. What’s the right travel for the frame?

It has a 130 on it when I got it but I think it was 100mm originally. So if you could get it to 120 it would be great, I think.

It’s a Meille TT650 frame.

It’s what I had for a frame… a shame though because I set it up with a nice fox float fork I bought from you and new 1x10 drive train and hydro brakes.

A sweet hard tail frame would have made it a great ride. I think my brother will be fine with it knocked down to 120mm though.

Found them. Each one is 20mm.

If I recall that fork is at 140mm right now, one spacer will reduce it to 120mm.

Tip #3 - put her on the right bike!