Spoke replacement

Popped a spoke today on my rear rim. I need to replace it so I can ride Sunday afternoon. Is this an easy task? Who is open on Sunday that would have spokes? (Black, DT swiss rim)

Any thoughts? Thanks!

One spoke isn’t going to end your ride, assuming you have disc brakes. Just take it out and ride, replace it on Monday when shops are open. Maybe true the wheel some to compensate for the missing spoke.

MEC is probably open.

Thanks for the info.

It looks like it is just the nipple the broke. I will try SportWheels or MEC, both are open at 11. (Come to think about it, I’ve had a few Sunday emergencies: derailleur hangers, tubes, power links…)

Good to know I can still ride… if I cannot get a nipple, I’ll snip it and ride.

Thanks to sport wheels for being open on Sunday and especially thanks to Sheldon for the fix. Found another broken nipple.

Good old Sheldon, always one to find a problem with nipples. :wink:

Glad you got that fixed up.

My breakdowns usually happen Saturday evenings after the bike shops have closed. Having a truing stand is very handy. They cost about $100 but true a wheel a few times, and you make your money back. Doesn’t hurt to keep some extra spokes on hand just in case.