Sportwheels Beginner Mountain Bike Ride June 3 6:30 Shubie Park

Due to scheduling conflicts Sheldon will lead this week’s ride, and we’ll repeat this week’s ride at Shubie, but stay tuned for next week’s ride announcement as we’ll switch up location. Remember this is a ride tailored for beginners but riders of all abilities are welcome. Remember to bring water, bug spray, and a bell. Hope to see ya!!!


Ride starts at the Fairbanks Center, correct?

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@Leslie_Dunnington how/where can folks find out if the ride is cancelled due to weather?

They didn’t cancel last week and it was raining all day before so maybe it’s rain or shine.

There is a facebook event here that people can check. I think it’s listed publicly:


I’d recommend not riding the singletracks today standing water and mushy spots in lots of places.

I am here, fairbanks center, gonna stick to main shubi trail. Join me if u like :blush:

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