Sportwheels Beginner Mountain Bike ride


Second Lake is a hidden gem for trail riding, I rode it last year and was pleasantly surprised at how big the park was and how many hills there were. We’ll meet in the parking lot of Second Lake Provincial Park. As always this is a beginner ride but riders of all abilities are welcome, and as always this is a no drop ride. Remember to bring water, bug spray, a bell and a light if you have it. Looking forward to seeing ya’ll!


Where’s the meeting point? I might ride down straight from home


I think it’s called Sackville Lakes provincial park on google maps…assuming it’s the same park.


That’s where I assumed the meeting point was too.


I’m super new to mountain biking…have only been out a couple of times. I’m going to try and make tonights ride! Just curious what kind of trails we will be doing? The 2 times I’ve been out have been in Miramichi, NB… really rocky, but fun trails. Is this park just wide crusher dust trails or will be actually be in the woods? Thanks :slight_smile:


This ride should be on crusher dust trails with tree cover. This ride is a good beginner pace and easy ride. Great group of people. Really good to get some entertaining base miles. There also tends to be a few beginners edging there way in to the intermediate skill level so it’s great for finding others at your skill level if you find crusher a bit easy. I find the rides a bit easy my self as I love to ride technical stuff but the people keep bring me back to this group ride.

Come out and have fun!


Cool! Thanks for the info. :slight_smile: Will see you guys tonight!