Sportwheels Sponsors Chris Sanford for the 2010 Season!

YAY! I’m so happy for you Chris! I’m sure you’ll do great. Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Sportwheels is sponsoring Chris Sanford for the 2010 Cycling season.

Chris Sanford is an avid cyclist whom has been riding since the age of five.
Chris has been using his Norco Katmandu faithfully for all his riding up until now.
For 2010 he will be riding a 2008 Norco Fluid and wearing the Sportwheels colours in the under 15 category.

Chris started riding with the Sportwheels/ Mountain Bike Rides in 2009.
With the ever present support of his parents he rarely missed an opportunity to ride his bike.
His skills have grown in leaps and bounds and eventually he was consistently in the lead group on every ride.
Chris is a true natural on a bike.

With encouragement from others Chris’ competitive nature led him to racing.
He placed 5th at the Fitz of Fury, 5th at A-Gore-a-phobia, and 4th at the Spokebender Classic.
Chris plans to attend as many races as possible this coming season and will no doubt be on the podium.

In addition to cycling and school, Chris is also involved with the Army Cadet League of Canada.
He is on the Biathalon team combining xc skiing and marksmanship.
He is also of the member of the Range team and has won high accolades in the past for his skills.

Not only is Chris a naturally gifted athlete, he has a great attitude and amazing work ethic.
Chris will be writing about his experiences racing and training throughout the 2010 cycling season via the sportwheels web site (

Sportwheels is very proud to have Chris Sanford wearing our jersey for the 2010 race season.

Welcome aboard Chris!!

Way to go dude! It’s been great riding with you so far.

That’s awesome.

Congrats and good luck Chris