Sportwheels Tax free sale

Tax free sale

We are fully stocked with bikes, parts and accessories.

PLUS We are having a tax free sale for the next 3 days. Drop in, say hi, and pick up those items for the season.



Are there more sunglasses in store than on the website?

I cannot find a cheap pair of sunglasses anywhere. I won’t buy anything over $60 since I always break or lose sunglasses. I lost my last pair a couple of weeks ago at Whopper… and they were broken anyway.

We have some knockaround sunglasses in stock coming in at the 30ish price point. Unfortunately, no other models than what we have online.

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Thanks for the info. Guess I’ll be sticking with the old school aviators I found in the car for a little while longer.

@EMat I don’t wear sunglasses but others have said the glasses at Decathlon are a good value.