Spring Cleaning: tubes, tools, and more

I’m doing a little spring cleaning and looking to get rid of a few things. DM if you can use any of this.

26" tube (Schraeder)

24" tubes (Shrader)

Shimano FD-M950 carbon front derailleur

Pocket-Stud insertion/removal tool
(gone to a new home)

2 27.5" tubes (Presta)

Vittoria MTB shoes, clipless. Used, a little rough shape, but good for someone wanting to try going clipless.

Probably more to come…


Oh man, that xtr front der. So old school not cool.

I know, right? :grin: Maybe someone has an old school frame that could use it, who knows.

I do, actually, ha ha

It’s yours if you want it, I can’t imagine many can make use of it. :grin:

I have a matching rear der on my steel hardtail. Perfect.

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